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Lasix is a fast-acting diuretic, prescribed for treatment of edemas boom beach cheats of soft tissue and internal organs. Lasix is among few diuretics, administered for the treatment of edemas in newborns. If you are prescribed Lasix medication but it is expensive in your region, you can buy cheap diuretic Lasix online on our online pharmacy

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 Lasix Pharmacological Effect

 Diuretic Lasix contains active pharmacological substance Furosemide and inactive pharmaceutical ingredients. The active substance Furosemide can inhibit the absorption of chloride and sodium ions in distal tubules, proximal tubules and loop of Henle, thereby:

 -        increasing the rate of urine formation;

-        decreasing fluid in soft tissues;

-        stimulating excretion of fluid out of the body

 It should be noted that Lasix drug increases the excretion of potassium, magnesium and calcium ions out of the body without changing the urine pH.

  •    When using oral tablets Lasix, diuretic effect develops within 15-20 minutes.
  •    Maximum diuretic effect is achieved within 1-2 hours after oral intake of Lasix pills.
  •    Common duration of diuretic effect depends on Lasix dosage and doesn’t exceed 8 hours as a rule.

Lasix indications for use

Lasix is used in disorders of internal organs, accompanied by edemas of different origin. Therapeutic doses of Lasix diuretic are indicated for the treatment of:

 -        heart failure and arising stagnation in the small and large systemic circulation.

-        Cirrhosis, accompanied by portal hypertension

-        hypertensive crisis

-        nephrotic syndrome

-        pulmonary edema

-        cardiac asthma

-        cephaledema

-        renal insufficiency (chronic / acute)

-        some forms of hypertensive crisis (as monotherapy or in combination therapy)

-        arterial hypertension (difficult treatment)

-        hypercalcemia

-        eclampsia (sharp increase of blood pressure during pregnancy and after laboring)

-        forced diuresis in poisoning by chemical compounds (barbiturates) that can be excreted by kidneys unchanged

 Lasix diuretic can be prescribed for the treatment of edemas in pregnant women, yet duration of diuretic therapy has to be limited. In pregnancy, Lasix drug is administered in exceptional cases if the benefit to mother and fetus health astuce clash of clans gemmes surpasses the potential risks

Lasix dosing recommendations

Recommended dosing of diuretic Lasix for adults

 -        It is recommended to begin the diuretic therapy with minimal single dose of Lasix 20mg.

-        If one dose of Lasix 20mg does not provide with expected diuretic effect, the daily dosage of Lasix can be increased.

-        Lasix dosage has to be increased gradually, maximum on 20mg each 6 hours.

-        Maximum recommended daily dose of Lasix diuretic is 80mg.

-        The daily dose of Lasix 80mg can be taken once (e.g. in the morning), or can be divided into two intakes (e.g. one pill Lasix 40mg in the morning and in the afternoon).

-        Time interval between intakes of diuretic Lasix has to be at least 6 hours.

-        For the treatment of severe edematous syndrome, Lasix daily dose can be enhanced up to 600mg. Lasix 600mg dose is prescribed in single cases, being taken under doctor’s supervision only.

-        Elderly patients have to start the diuretic therapy with minimal daily dose of Lasix 20mg.

 Recommended dosing of Lasix for pediatric patients

 -        It is recommended to start the treatment of edema in children with minimal dose of Lasix, which must not exceed 2mg per 1 kg of a child’s weight.

-        Lasix average daily dose for children is 2mg per 1 kg of a child’s body weight.

-        Maximum recommended daily dosage of Lasix for pediatric patients must not exceed 6mg per one kg of a child’s weight.

-        The dose of Lasix diuretic for pediatric patients has to be increased gradually, by 1mg each 6 hours.

 Recommended dosing of Lasix for hypertension treatment

 -        Lasix average dose for the treatment of hypertension is 80mg. Patients with hypertension are recommended to take one Lasix 40mg pill, twice daily. Diuretic Lasix is prescribed as both monotherapy of hypertension and as combination anti-hypertension therapy.

-        Note that hypotensive effect increases after using Lasix together with other diuretics that have antihypertensive effect. That’s why the daily dose of antihypertensive drugs should be reduced twice before including the diuretic in anti-hypertensive therapy.

-        Later, the daily dose of antihypertensive drugs can be increased. However, make sure that increased dosage of Lasix does not provoke extreme drop of blood pressure.

Diuretic Lasix Drug Interaction

-        Patients with diagnosed diabetes mellitus might need to adjust the dosage of hypoglycemic medications if Lasix diuretic is included in antidiabetic therapy.

-        Combined use of Lasix diuretic and cardiac glycosides increases the risk of glycoside intoxication.

-        Combined use of Lasix medication and glucocorticoids increases the risk of hypokalemia.

-        Use of Lasix with lithium drugs may lead to increased reabsorption of lithium ions in the renal tubules and the appearance of intoxication symptoms.

-        By interacting to aminoglycosides or cephalosporins, Lasix increases their concentration in the blood plasma, thereby provoking nephrotoxic effect.

-        When Lasix medication is included in non-steroidal anti-inflammatory therapy, diuretic effect of Lasix decreases.

 If you decided to buy Lasix online without prescription but have never taken this medication for edema treatment before, please consult our online pharmacist.